Electric Meter Saga

In January, my electric bill rose by 40% (88 kWh) which I found odd for my small apartment with gas heat, hot water and stove with no laundry. The increase is the equivalent of something drawing 120W 24/7 for the entire month which seemed unlikely for the electric devices I had, mainly: fridge, water pump, […]

I Am Not Natalie Taylor

My surname (Taylor) is extremely common, ranking tenth in the 2010 US Census.  My Google Account username is nattaylor, which you’ll note is only nine letters with no numbers or special characters.  Apparently, there are lots of careless Natalie Taylor’s in the world who accidentally use my email address for their correspondence.  At times I’ve […]

The Pizza Diet

I suspect the notion of a “Pizza Diet” sounds ridiculous to you, yet I believe many Millennials are buying into diets that aren’t much better, because of non-scientific content like the following:

Clouds from Earth & Space

Yesterday, there was an enormous cloud (pictured above, photo credit: Jenn Gebbie) visible from the Greater Boston Area that had extraordinarily well defined edges.  I thought “This must be visible from space,” so I snapped a pic and jumped on my PC when I got home.  I was fascinating to find out it was very […]

I Fought Comcast and Almost Won

Comcast has a bug involving their online customer portal and financial back-office that results in customers who enroll in Ecobill receiving no bill whatsoever.  It’s documented all over their forums 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.  I experienced this bug, and once I discovered there wasn’t a quick fix, I thought I’d try […]

Oyster Gardening at Haversham

This spring my family volunteered our dock to become an oyster gardening site, as part of a Roger Williams University program aiming to rehabilitate the Rhode Island oyster population.  I just had the pleasure of spending a week there, and spent some time observing and learning about oysters.  With luck, our “efforts” will grow between […]

Sugarbush Weather

I love skiing at Sugarbush (the best mountain in the East,) so I threw together this weather dashboard.  Features include: Live, animated precipitation map from accuweather.com National Weather Service forecast for Warren, VT Sugarbush snow report NWS Summit report Latest post from the Mad River Blog Live mountain stats from Sugarbush.com Let me know what […]


In May the web host that I’d been using since I was 14 (1998) went offline and I lost everything.  Since then I’ve been able to recover most things, but not the MySQL databases that contained my blog content.  As of now its gone–probably forever.  So… I’m here to start rebuilding.