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Leesa Mattress Review: We Returned It

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We’re from Boston and when the wicked local Salvation Army fellow arrived (since Leesa mattresses are returned as donations,) he just said “Too Hahhhd?”

My wife laughed and he said “Yup, lotsa folks sendin’ them back.  Who wants to pay that much foh a boahd?”

And that was that; our Leesa was gone.  Good riddance!

Prior to our foray into mattress buying I’d slept on my childhood mattress, a waterproof college-dorm style Twin XL, a futon, my Mom’s old (like 30+ year old) mattress and an Ikea latex mattress.  I barely thought about my mattress.  I kid you not however, that every day for the two weeks we slept on the Leesa, I woke up with a sore back.  31-years with barely a thought, and then 2 lousy weeks of discomfort every day!

Ultimately we slept on 4 mattresses in a month.  (We started and finished with one, so we tried three.)  My wife long felt our IKEA mattress was too firm, so after two years we visited a Casper showroom and bought one.  We slept on that for about two weeks, and returned that too for being too firm.  My wife had previously slept on a Leesa, so we bought that without trialing in a showroom, and had the experience above.  Finally, we went Jordan’s and trialed a plethora of spring mattresses and ultimately settled a Sealy.

I suppose we shouldn’t have tried the Lessa at all knowing that we liked spring mattresses, but we’d slept on a latex mattress for two years so it seemed reasonable.

The Leesa mattress was simply too firm for our taste, I guess.

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