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Curated Index

A curated index of my content that doesn’t fall into any other particular category or section.

Curated listsFavorites documents my favorite books, sites, games, TV, movies, quotes and software.  Around The House has brief reviews of some household products.

Advice on life: Adult Nutrition & Fitness  has advice for determining how much and what to eat, Personal Finance & Investing has some practical tips on finance, home buying has advice on renting, owning, the purchase process and more, and Digital Archiving has advice on archiving your digital life.

East Boston: East Boston Links has curated links and Living in East Boston is about my experience in East Boston.

Android:  introduction to google photos, google home: great for music & radio, google photos has it all, android 5.0 battery observations, using google contacts on android,

Boston Harbor flooding updateseast boston floods again, boston harbor flooding,