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New, Boring Theme!

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After about a year of using a slightly modified version of the Less theme, I’ve developed and deployed a new even lesser theme for that is focused on performance and simplicity. The design won’t “wow” anyone, but it should load almost instantly and be easy to read. There are several things that I’m trying out, including the following:
  1. Disables oEmbed & emoji I don’t have much use for these, so I disabled them to avoid loading extra resources in the <head>
  2. HTML5 gallery and caption markup It only takes 1 line of code to enable this core feature
  3. NOINDEX for archives, paged-sections and attachments I hate the way these pages look when they show up in Google search results, since they don’t represent actual content.
  4. Basic responsive stylesheet I set max-width:100%, overflow-x: scroll for most elements, which basically delivers a fully responsive layout.
  5. ~60 characters per line For the sake of readability, the line length is around 60 characters.
  6. 2kb Payload Pages weigh just a few kilobytes compressed.  The homepage is just 1,458 bytes!
  7. A Single HTTP Request Pages (excluding images) require just one HTTP request.
I’m not completely done.  I’m omitting the Google Analytics tag, at least for now, and relying on awstats instead but I’m toying with both a micro Google Analytics library or using the pixel version.  I also want a better solution for the gallery lightbox, which currently relies on a plugin and a better gallery layout.

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