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I Am Not Natalie Taylor

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My surname (Taylor) is extremely common, ranking tenth in the 2010 US Census.  My Google Account username is nattaylor, which you’ll note is only nine letters with no numbers or special characters.  Apparently, there are lots of careless Natalie Taylor’s in the world who accidentally use my email address for their correspondence.  At times I’ve actively replied (in one case it was a doctor) but mostly I just wonder about what they think when they don’t get all of their emails.

Overtime, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails (though some were subscriptions) for Natalie Taylor about:

  1. Facebook Signup (UK)
  2. Rent application (San Francisco)
  3. Car Insurance Confirmation (UK)
  4. Hotel Reservation (Missouri)
  5. Receipt for M.D. (Santa Monica)
  6. Delivery Confirmation for Robo-dog (UK)
  7. Self Help Welcome (USA)
  8. Sports Betting Welcome (UK)
  9. Sports Betting Duplicate Account (UK)
  10. Online Dating (Madison, WI)
  11. Loan Results (UK)
  12. Doctor Welcome (Ontario, CA)
  13. Crown College Admissions (Minnesota)
  14. Natrelle Breast Implants Delivery Notice (CA)
  15. Astrology Report (USA)
  16. Paypal, CVS ExtraCare, The Body Shop, Clintons (UK), Harvester (UK), Aritzia (Vancouver, BC)

It’s amazing to me how many Natalie Taylor’s there seem to be.  Usually the emails I get are harmless, though occasionally they do contain personal information like physical addresses.

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