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Battery Life

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2 days of batteryRunning out of battery is extremely frustrating, so I consider extended and consistent battery life essential features for the devices I use.


The release of Android 6.0 include Doze, which I’ve found to be an extremely effective battery saver because unlike other battery savers like “Battery Saving Mode,” I never notice when my Device is dozing.  Doze is described on the Android site:

Doze extends battery life by deferring application background CPU and network activity when a device is unused for long periods.

Idle devices in Doze periodically enter a maintenance window, during which apps can complete pending activities (syncs, jobs, etc.). Doze then resumes sleep for a longer period of time, followed by another maintenance window. The platform continues the Doze sleep/maintenance sequence, increasing the length of idle each time, until a maximum of a few hours of sleep time is reached. At all times, a device in Doze remains aware of motion and immediately leaves Doze if motion is detected.

I have found that since updating to Marshmallow, my Droid Turbo 2 and TouchPad both have significantly better battery life.

Touchpad Battery
Touchpad battery lasting almost 2 weeks!

Battery Saving Mode

Battery Saving mode is also an extremely effective battery saver, but comes at the expense of considerable limitations to functionality.

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