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Announcing: Weather – My Web App to Display NWS Data

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I made my personal weather (web) app available publicly at:

Weather App

It’s designed to be simple, fast and comprehensive (for my use case of daily weather and for local sailing conditions in Marblehead/Boston in the summer.) Please note, it is currently hardcoded to Boston, MA!

Building it has been a fun project. It started with wanting a reflow-able, styled presentation of the area forecast discussion and wanting leverage the new National Weather Service APIs, then evolved from there. Currently it is hardcoded to Boston and has 10 expandable sections:

  1. Weather & Forecast The current observation and 7-day forecast
  2. Radar The current radar loop
  3. Weather Map 8-day surface analysis and forecasts from the Weather Prediction Center
  4. Satellite Imagery from GOES-East GeoCOLOR
  5. Graphical Wind Forecast from the National Digital Forecast Database
  6. Buoy Observations from the nearest NDBC weather buoy
  7. Area Forecast Discussion from the NWS Norton office
  8. Links A few links to things that aren’t integrated
  9. About A few notes about the application

Other features include:

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