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Beach Sailor – Day 1

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My “Beach Sailor” project (windsurf rig attached to a Mountain board) is off to a good start. I got my first session in on Sunday, in a 11-12 MPH Westerly at Nahant Beach, right after low tide. I suspect I probably maxed out around 10 MPH (by comparison to how it feels going 12 MPH on my electric skateboard.) I have a bit of lame footage on YouTube (Note: I didn’t get any puffs in front of the camera!)

Beach Sailor – Day 1

For next time, I’m going to remove the foot straps and tighten the trucks. I might also try a bigger sail, or else get the right sized mast. I’m debating trying to mount the mast further forward too.

Below are a few pictures of the setup. As you can see, all I did was drill a hole through the Mountain Board to fit the bolt of the mast base universal through. It was a piece of cake!

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