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Photopea: Browser-based Photoshop-esque Image Editor

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I’m a Photoshop native, having been a user since age 14, but now the $250/year price tag is hard to justify as a light user so I’ve been trying replacements like GIMP with limited success. However, I recently discovered the remarkable Photopea [ photo – pee ]

With the goal of being the most advanced and affordable photo editor, it offers most of the features of Photoshop with an intuitive presentation right in the browser for free. Amazing! If you can’t find a function, click the 🔍 icon in the main menu bar for global search.

Try it at

Screenshot of Photopea

The features currently include the following and more, plus new features are added about 6 times a year.

Ivan Kutskir, the developer, wrote up a little bit about creating Photopea–and it’s quite an amazing story.

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