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La Crosse Weather Station & PWS

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Last Sunday I tinkered my way through getting my Dad’s La Crosse Wireless Wind and Weather Station onto the Weather Underground Personal Weather Station Network (PWS.)

The PWS supports many weather stations natively, but not LTV-WSDTH03. However the PWS upload protocol is pretty simple, and the observations get to the La Crosse View app, so I thought must be possible to glue together a solution. It was possible.

I published the code at The whole thing is only 273 SLOC and does very little other than connect to APIs.

index.php implements the retrieval and upload flow. Since the observation retrieval takes a from time, it polls the PWS API to find the last uploaded observation time, and includes that in the call to retrieve the observation feed, then uploads that.

I thought the structure of the feed JSON was too cumbersome (sort of columnar) so there is a method to transform it to more of a pandas “split” structure.

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