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Hue White Ambiance Bulbs for Warm & Cool Light

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Motivated by a lack of daylight in my home, I installed and am now enjoying 8 Philips Hue White Ambiance flood lights which I can tune between a daylight white during the day and a warmer color in the evenings.  As someone obsessed with light, I love it.

The subtle but impactful difference of warm (right) versus white (left) light

They’re controlled with my Google Home, my phone, my wife’s phone and my traditional light switches.

I was hesitant for months because I thought that Smart Homes are gimmicky and weren’t worth the complication.  I failed to understand that the lights work regardless of network connectivity, and just turn on to a default state.  Further, the lights connect to radio frequency Hue bridge, not the Wifi directly, so there is only one additional network connected device.

I really thought that I’d program them to change automatically with the sun throughout the day, but I tried that and it’s easier to just change them manually.

Hue bulbs can emit shades of white between 2200K and 6500K with a maximum brightness of 680 lumens.

The graphic below shows the color temperature range from warm to cool.  Too cool feels like a dentist, and too warm feels sleepy.

I wanted control to avoid jarring hospital cool in the evenings, and lazy warm light in the middle of the day.

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