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Product Management Sunday Reading

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Recently I read something about having a set of essays to re-read on Sunday’s and I’m finally getting around to putting together a list. This succinct list has helped ground me in my career when I doubt myself.

Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager This is the classic from Ben Horowitz about what it takes to be a good PM.

The product manager’s lament This was presciently written in 2008 proposing 1) product trios 2) team focus and 3) product briefs — which are now widely adopted at the companies I’ve worked at. I like it because it’s a good reminder of why concise communication is so critical to good product management.

Be a Great Product Leader The conclusion here sticks with me: “great product managers make things happen,” plus I like to think of myself as a “force-multiplier.”

We Don’t Sell Saddles Here This is a great memo about what to build, how to sell it and more. I like it because it’s a good reminder that there’s a lot more to good product management than just shipping.

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