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Jupyter PHP Kernel on MacOS in 2022

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Recently, I wanted to muck around with PHP interactively in Jupyter with and had a tough time getting it configured on MacOS Monterey 12.6 due to PATH issues which manifested as env: php: No such file or directory entries in the jupyter log …but PHP was in my PATH so I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Finally I noticed the following in the log, so I could see the PATH being used (and rather than fix it) I just worked around it with the following:

That was that.

[E 2022-11-26 21:40:28.983 ServerApp] Failed to run command:
    ['jupyter-php-kernel', '-r', '-c', '/Users/ntaylor/Library/Jupyter/runtime/kernel-a6f883a5-1bee-4c2b-9ca8-1aef8a22cc1d.json']
        with kwargs:
    {'stdin': -1, 'stdout': None, 'stderr': None, 'cwd': '/Users/ntaylor/notebooks/workbench', 'start_new_session': True}

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