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Disclaimer: This content is no longer updated as of October 2021.

East Boston Links

Certain links and information about East Boston took me some time to discover, so I’ve collected them here.

East Boston Zoning Map

This is a BPDA PDF Map that delineates single families, two families, three families, 4-6 families, condominiums, mixed use, commercial, industrial, institutional, government and other.  I think it gives an at-a-glance view of the composition of East Boston.

Redfin: Jeffries Point

Redfin is both an easy way to find recent listings and sales, but also has great roll up information about median prices and more.

Historical Boston Maps

All of Logan Airport is landfill, as is much of the rest of East Boston, which can be interesting to see on a historic map, like this one from 1801 Plan of Noddle Island.

Summary of Census Data

When you want put your own hype and assumptions into check, go to the census.

East Boston Open Discussion on Facebook

To take the pulse of East Boston, check this Facebook group.

BPDA Zoning Viewer

An easy way to see how property is zoned, who owns it, it’s assessment and other info.

East Boston Building Permits

A list of all the approved building permits in East Boston.

BPDA East Boston

The BPDA on East Boston which includes current approved plans.

Census Data Overlaid on Maps

East Boston is mad up of many small census blocks which can represent key economic and demographic indicators.

East Boston Oral History

…a brief account of the development of the neighborhood based in part on interviews with residents..

The Physical Development of East Boston

A history of East Boston