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Disclaimer: This content is no longer updated as of October 2021.

A Future (in Boston) with More Ferries

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Tonight Boston Harbor Now released water transportation business plans as part of its first speaker series event marketed as “A Future with More Ferries: Business Plan Release + Panel Discussion.” More info, including the plans are available at http://bostonharbornow.com/ferryplans, but I wanted to share what I thought were some intriguing stats from the panelists:

Below are the notes I took in their entirety. I think a Facebook Live video might also be available. Contact nattaylor@gmail.com with any questions or revisions. I recommend starting by leafing through the Inner Harbor Connector pamphlet.







Q: how important is strategic vision compared to short-term pilots?

Q: talk about private public partnership

Q: What will it take to make business plans reality?

Q: How do you reconcile the equity?

Q: Does water transit lead to mode-shift?

Q: What are the biggest challenges in implementation?

Q: Why is this the right time?

Q: Was there backlash?

Q: How does fare collection work?

Q: What marketing was successful?

Q: What about wayfinding?

Q: Parting Words

Kathy Abbot concluded that MCEC manager overheard a rider of the seaport ferry say “Thank you, have changed my life.”

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