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Disclaimer: This content is no longer updated as of October 2021.

Boston Civic Leaders Summit

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Boston, MA — On Saturday, almost 400 Bostonians came together for the 2019 Boston Civic Leaders Summit hosted by Andrea Campbell at the JFK Library. I had a great time and thought I’d share what I learned. A few things that I left with include:

Additionally, I wrote some notes from the workshops I attended.

Goodie bag!

Sustainable Leadership

I attended a sustainable leadership panel, and learned a few exercises for evaluating how and where to seem improvement.

Network Night Format

Many Neighborhood Association meetings have been bastardized into dry presentations devoid of interaction and frankly, devoid of anything neighborly. The “Network Night” format was a fun seeming alternative, that goes like this:

  1. Welcome: Good food and music while people enter, get settled, greet and chat with each other.
  2. New and Good: People are brought into a circle to share name and something new or good that has happened in their life in the past few weeks, giving everyone the opportunity to speak or pass. (Max 30 seconds per person)
  3. Table Talk: 20-25 minute small group conversations. Individual participants are invited to propose conversation topics that they want to have and would agree to host. 3-4 of these are selected and participants choose which conversation to participate in.
  4. Marketplace: Convened back together in a circle, participants bid for time to make specific offers and requests of skills, talents, capacity, advice and stuff.
  5. Bump and Spark: Fun energetic ending as people are invited to close the deal on any new matches or connections they made, and to help clean up the space.

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