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TaylorNet is back!

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The TaylorNet was finally restored on 2022-01-20 after almost a month of downtime.

My hosting provider writes that “The server is back online but at a high risk of going back offline. We’re updating the kernel and drivers” and had previously said it also needed firmware upgrades, so I need to have a recovery plan for next time.

I have begun working on a recovery process in case this happens again in the future.

I have now scheduled weekly backups (including the filesystem and databases) to Google Cloud Storage and also my home router. My home router runs Dropbear, limiting the transfer speeds to only about 5MB/s. GCS is fast, but requires installing around 700MB is packages, ugh!

In the case this happens again, I intend to restore at least web serving to a VPS (which I need to test) which will rely on migrating my DNS records to my registrar (Google Domains.)

I don’t have a backup plan for email, but I’ve moved all the critical email accounts to third parties (Google and Migadu) so I should be able to fix things via DNS.

It would be nice to avoid running a database server on the VPS, so I’m looking into using SQLite to back the WordPress sites. I’ll also need to swap out LiteSpeed Cache for something like Cache Enabler (or any other disk cache.)

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