I am fascinated by the natural world and have been lucky enough to travel to and explore many amazing places in my life.  Below are links to photo-journals of my favorites.

  • New Zealand (2008) — island nation full of awe-inspiring natural beauty
  • National Parks #1 (2009) — exploring (mostly) the US National Parks west of The Rockies including Zion, Bryce, Yosemite and Yellowstone.
  • Alaskan Coast (2010) — remote locations, inaccessible by car, dotting the craggy glacial coast full of wildlife
  • Galapagos (2013) — fascinating islands brimming with exotic animals that don’t fear humans.
  • National Parks #2 (2015) — visits to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone
  • British Virgin Islands (2016) — catamaran cruise around the breathtaking waters of the British Virgin Islands