Wedding Name Cards

One task for our wedding was printing cards with names, table number and entreé choice. Microsoft Word would be great for the mail merge, but not the aesthetics; Adobe Illustrator would be great for the design, but I’m unfamiliar with it’s “variable data importer.” I wondered: “Can the browser do this?” and before long, with […]

Wrapping Up Third Place At Marblehead Race Week

Proudly, Jim and I (affectionately known as “Team Taylor”) just finished third at Marblehead Race Week in the Rhodes 19 Class with a score line of 5-2-10-(12)-2-1-5-6-6-8-11 and we’re ecstatic, though humbled by the dominating performance of overall winners Charlie Pendleton and Jim Raisides who finished with just 29 points.  It was a grueling four day, […]

The Pizza Diet

I suspect the notion of a “Pizza Diet” sounds ridiculous to you, yet I believe many Millennials are buying into diets that aren’t much better, because of non-scientific content like the following:

More Clouds from Earth & Space

Last year I wrote about “Clouds from Earth & Space,” something that continues to fascinate me.  Here is another example.  The satellite image is from NOAA; click it to see the animated version.

Android 5.0 Battery Observations

I recently got a Droid Turbo 2 (Verizon edition,) which features a 3,760mAh battery, and with light use it lasts 2 full days on a single charge.  This endurance, combined with the rapid charger, is a compelling feature.  Once in a while my device consumes battery at twice the normal rate, which has lead me […]

Clouds from Earth & Space

Yesterday, there was an enormous cloud (pictured above, photo credit: Jenn Gebbie) visible from the Greater Boston Area that had extraordinarily well defined edges.  I thought “This must be visible from space,” so I snapped a pic and jumped on my PC when I got home.  I was fascinating to find out it was very […]

Finishing Second at 2015 Rhodes 19 Nationals

Our 2015 season was filled with ups and downs.  Coming off our 2014 victory, we finished fifth and East Coasts and seventh at Race Week, and weren’t sure what the pecking order at Nationals would be, especially since we were sailing with a different crew and we’d previously lacked boatspeed in the forecasted conditions.  What […]

Making PDF Newsletters Accessible

As the Rhodes 19 Fleet 5 webmaster, I was faced with doing something with over a decade of PDF newsletters. I decided the best thing to do was to extract and structure the content, then put it into WordPress so that I was easy to find, access, archive and index. The newsletters were produced in […]