Wedding Name Cards

One task for our wedding was printing cards with names, table number and entre√© choice. Microsoft Word would be great for the mail merge, but not the aesthetics; Adobe Illustrator would be great for the design, but I’m unfamiliar with it’s “variable data importer.” I wondered: “Can the browser do this?” and before long, with […]

Making PDF Newsletters Accessible

As the Rhodes 19 Fleet 5 webmaster, I was faced with doing something with over a decade of PDF newsletters. I decided the best thing to do was to extract and structure the content, then put it into WordPress so that I was easy to find, access, archive and index. The newsletters were produced in […]

Sugarbush Weather

I love skiing at Sugarbush (the best mountain in the East,) so I threw together this weather dashboard. ¬†Features include: Live, animated precipitation map from National Weather Service forecast for Warren, VT Sugarbush snow report NWS Summit report Latest post from the Mad River Blog Live mountain stats from Let me know what […]